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"The Impakt Aid Trust"

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1. Work For Widows

2. Back To Work

3. Psycho-Social Support

4. Sanitation

5. Employment Through     English

6. Mobile Meds

7. Fun Bus For Kids

8. Special Operations



The tsunami has caused the worst human tragedy and devastation ever to hit Sri Lanka.

Almost everyone effected is suffering from some degree of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) with 30 – 50% predicted to develop severe symptoms.

The Impakt Aid Trust will work with organisations such as the Sri Lanka Sumithrayo National Training Arm and Action Aid in conducting workshops in the affected areas.

School principals, teachers, religious leaders of all denominations and social service organisations in the effected area and/or prominent citizens who are willing to donate their time will be given the basics of grief and trauma counseling.

The workshops will be community based at District or Village level and will focus on how to identify stress or trauma related behavior and what measures can be taken to assist trauma victims on a daily basis.

The Impakt Aid Trust will bear the costs associated with providing transport, food and accommodation for the leaders of the workshops as well as the printing of necessary course material and literature.

Many one-day workshops are needed at a cost of Rs. 10,000/- ( U.S. $ 100.).

Fun Days:

Children in Refugee Camps tend to relive their traumatic experiences lacking other distractions.

A way of alleviating this is to encourage them in creative play.

The Impakt Aid Trust is coordinating weekend visits to the camps. Volunteers will organise games and fun activities for the children which will provide valuable therapy.

During these days The Impakt Aid Trust also distributes small nutritional snacks to the children. The total cost for a whole day’s visit is Rs. 3,000/- (U.S$30.)

In collaboration with the Fun Day program, and with the school system, the volunteers will be treating children and residents of the camps. Each medication (which is effective for 30 days) will cost Rs.22,000/- (U.S.220.) per camp.

Expression through drawing in Hikkaduwa


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