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"The Impakt Aid Trust"

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Sampath Bank Limited
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1. Work For Widows

2. Back To Work

3. Sanitation

4. Employment Through     English

5. Mobile Meds

6. Fun Bus For Kids



 A Letter Of Sorrow  

 I’m in the 9 th grade.
 Right now we are in a camp for displaced people.
 Our house was washed away by the sea.
 At the time of the tsunami I was at home.
 My elder brother was on the beach.
 Suddenly a huge wave came really fast and behind my brother.
 He came running and told us that the sea was overflowing.
 Then we ran really fast and stood on a rock.
 That’s when we saw our house being destroyed.
 I have twelve brothers and sisters in my family.My father died  ten years ago.
 Although there are a lot of things I want to say, I can’t say  anything else now.
 I got really scared that day.
 Fourteen people died in my village.

 That’s enough now.
 My name is M.M. Pranath
 I’m 15 years old.
 A Letter Of Sorrow  

At the time the sea overflowed I was at home.When I stepped outside and looked around I saw houses made of thatched coconut leaves being destroyed by the water. I ran as fast as I could and climbed a rock in our garden. From there I saw I saw our family outrigger being washed away as fast as a helicopter. At the same time our (younger) aunt got carried away by the water and stopped near a clump of trees. Standing in the water she cried “Sameera, have you seen my children?” I lied when I said that they were with me. Then I waded through the water and found my grandmother and grandfather hanging on to another boat. I then went up to my grandfather and asked him to wash his sarong and wear it had blood all over it. But he said eh couldn’t take it off because he had wounds all over his body and that he couldn’t move one hand. Later my father’s younger brother said that he would take him with him.

Three people - my brother, Chamara, Asela went towards the sea to see what had happened to my uncle Nimal. But the sea got them. Uncle Nimal was sobbing and running towards land when Asela emerged with the second wave. He told him that Samith and Chamara were buried under the sand. Then uncle Nimal dug them out but they were unconscious. They were them dispatched to hospital.
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