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"The Impakt Aid Trust"

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6. Santation

7. Balapitiya Boys Home

8. Transitional Shelter



Sanitation was and still is one of the most pressing issues in the transitional accommodation camps today in order to reduce the threat and incidence of disease. Impaktaid with the assistance of a team of engineers and doctors, developed plans for a public toilet comprising of 3 squat pan toilets and one commode toilet and an eco-friendly septic tank and field system which could be easily and inexpensively constructed in or near the camps.

Labour for construction of the toilets was attained from the skilled and semi-skilled workmen in the camps themselves. With their assistance a pilot project was completed on 07 January 2005 and proved to be a complete success.

Basic toilet facilities are needed not only in the Tsunami affected areas but throughout the island itself. These facilities can be completed within 3 days and are expected to last in excess of 20 years.

The inhabitants of the transitional camps and other local victims of the disaster who aided in the construction (all of whom were paid a daily wage) provided a welcomed infusion of capital into the community and enabled them to start rebuilding their lives as well as nurturing a sense of community through their participation.
Impaktaid is happy to have completed 27 toilet systems throughout the south and south east of Sri Lanka , unfortunately lack of funding has lead to the closure of this program.





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